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In the petroleum and c-store industry, to be seen clearly is critical to your business. Indoor and outdoor signage including LED price signs speak volumes when customers are in a hurry and need information quickly. Hamilton Signs visual identity solutions will give your brand the extra mileage.


Whether it's an LED Price Display or a Digital Menuboard, Hamilton Signs mission is to bring you the latest in technology and brilliance and to create immediate connections with consumers. From design and manufacturing to project management, we provide total support from start to finish.


Electronic Message Centers

EMCs provide the ideal way to create eye-catching messages to inform your customers and drive sales. Whether it's a hot new item or simply a great price, Electronic Displays quickly get the message across to your customers. LED technology makes them easy to manage and program. Messages can be varied at different times of the day in order to target peak traffic periods. Ask us about all the options and capabilities available.


LED Price Displays

LED Display Signs allow you to customize your outdoor signs with key messages and pricing. They are energy efficient and require minimal maintenance. Hamlton Signs technically advanced control console takes ease of operation to a whole new level. It allows for safe, fast and easy updates. Our stand-alone system requires no back office computer to operate.


Digital Menuboards

This state of the art display sheds a whole new light on menuboards. Highly appealing and easy to program, change or adjust to meet your day-to-day business needs. This system offers the latest in technology and provides the best overall experience for your guests. Entice them with brilliant imagery. Program it to make suggestions, based on what they select. With Digital Menuboards, opportunities abound.


Digital Greeter Boards

Creates impact with customers and increases sales! Our Digital Greeters can display specific product promotions based upon monthly/weekly/daily/hourly schedule. When placed inside the store, our digital greeter displays attract customers' attention with up-to-date HD content of product promotions, store services or other marketing blitzes. The content can simply be updated via a Wi-Fi network.


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It's Time For High Octane Advertising

People don't just stop into gas stations to refuel their cars anymore. Your convenience store is also an important revenue source, and keeping your potential customers abreast of your latest deals and specials can mean the difference between dominating and losing out to your competitors. LED signs are perfect for the job because:

  • Nearly 90% of companies reported that LED signs were essential to increasing their brand's awareness-great news for businesses in crowded markets like gas stations;

  • LED signs make up-selling and cross-selling much more efficient, to the tune of a 30% increase in sales volume;

  • An LED sign easily pays for itself several times over-it's more effective than social media, and even cheaper per view;

  • And even more importantly, businesses with brand new LED displays report that those signs were the biggest reason for new customer acquisitions.

LEDs punch way above their weight class in terms of reach and visibility, and that's why so many gas stations now trust Hamilton Signs to bump up their sales.


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