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Why Should I Buy from Hamilton Signs?


Offering a wide variety of signs we offer to commercial storefront owners, churches, organizations... in Minnesota and the Midwest:

  • Wholesale & Retail Signage

  • Indoor & Outdoor BannersElectric Storefront Signs

  • Illuminated & Non-Illuminated Signs

  • Front lit & Backlit Signs

  • Hollow lit SignsNeon Interior & Storefront Signs

  • Highrise Building SignageExterior Property Signage

  • Monument Signs

  • Also offering:

  • Digital Graphic Signage

  • Franchise/Retail Store Signs

  • Light Up Signs with Removable Letter Displays

  • Permitting & Sign Manufacturing Service for out of state commercial clients


But because these signs are electrical they must be installed by a qualified electrical sign company or an electrical contractor.  We are one of the largest monument electronic message center manufacturer in the Midwest and ranked among the highest in customer service in the state of MN!  And we are State licensed a electrical sign contractor and have a network of electrical contractors.

Here are just a few of the many options we offer:

  • Letterlites channel letter signs.

  • Twinkling Letterlites™ channel letter signs.

  • SpectraLites™ Color-changing channel letter signs.

  • Reverse channel letter signs.

  • Cloud signs.

  • Channel letter signs with backplates.

  • Raceways and wireways.

  • Cabinet signs, fluorescent, HID, or LED lighted.

  • Neon and LED building accent lighting.

  • Neon color selection.

  • Brighter Signs™ neon.

  • Solarbrite™ LED lighting.

  • LED color selection.

  • Pinlights™ signs.

  • Pylon signs.

  • Channel letter signs, both neon and LED lighted.

  • Pole signs.

  • Masonry Monument signs.

  • Wall-wash back-lighting for all types of signs.

  • Routed sign faces for all types of signs.

  • Digitally printed and cut vinyl decorated sign faces for all types of signs.

  • Acrylic-faced signs.

  • Lexan®-faced signs.

  • Flex-faced cabinet signs.

  • Push-thru lettering.

  • Pin-mounted letters.

  • Acrylic and Lexan color selection.

  • Vinyl color selection

  • PMS color selection.

  • Paint color selection (32,807 colors.)

  • ...and more.

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