Plastic Letters

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Why Should I Buy from Hamilton Signs?


We have over 100 standard styles and 30 standard colorscan be painted in multiple colors to replicate your designare excellent for gold leafing giving the appearance of metalare shipped within 3 business days. Guaranteed with a negotiable warranty!

Quality Assurance:

  • Computerized manufacturing for consistent fit and finish

  • Leading brand name components

  • UL and ETL labels on completed sets

  • On/off switches

  • State-of-the-art Eurocom 2000 pumping, bombarding system and electrodes

  • Aging station to burn in neon

  • Milliamp testing for transformer load calculation

  • Hipot electric continuity test

  • Light meter consistency monitoring

  • All our channel letters are built to U.L. and E.T.L. standards


The sign of quality. Don't settle for less