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Maintaining customer interest often means adding a new item to the menu or running a special promotion every few weeks. In those cases, restaurant operators need to have the ability to change the menu board quickly and seamlessly. Hamilton Signs continues to build on its leadership in the restaurant industry, delivering customized, turnkey solutions to local restaurant and nationwide chains alike. Cost effective solutions, highlighted by technology-rich digital displays, are dynamic and flexible in handling a multitude of functions for every aspect of your business – delivering time-scheduled product information and promotions, entertaining customers with interactive music and video, wayfinding, employee training and brand reinforcement.

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Restaurant Menu Signs Boards

So you’re getting ready to open your restaurant, and need a large display menu.

Menu Boards Sign come in a variety of displays from outdoor menu boards or complete drive thru designs to indoor boards, digital products or freestanding menu boards, We can supply them in a variety of lighting schemes from backlit, edgelit, non-illuminated and LED lighting options.

Before you order a basic acrylic menu sign, think about what materials you can use. Have you considered using wood or aluminum? What colors will you use?  What pictures can you add? How will it fit into your interior decor?

This is a sign where every customer will focus. Your menu should be a showcase of what you offer. The sign company’s design team can help you make the most of it by matching the menu to your interior design and choosing the best style.


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